Taking some time to express my feelings on Glee

The thing is: I have no interest on watching season 4. For me, Glee has been losing quality since season one. 

Back in season one, when I started watching Glee, I started watching it for a reason. I related to it. I related to the situation of almost all of the characters. It talked about actual problems, and actually took care of them and showed a way of solving them, and be the strongest person. For example, Mercedes’ insecurities with her body, back on 1x16 (Home). Quinn’s problems with her dad in 1x10 (Ballad). It also had some great songs, and in almost every episode there was at least one group song in the end, and one lesson to be learned.
There was also a little thing called continuity.

Season two started with some issues, in my eyes, with some characters being ignored (Tina being the best example) or simply used as props (Quinn being my example, because she had no storyline, since the writers only remember her when they need to pair her up with someone). Some racism directed to certain characters didn’t pass unnoticed for me. I find it offensive that the Glee writers think they can keep on writing everything they want and make it pass as a joke. 
The use of stereotypes also annoyed me (one of the examples being when Jesse called Mercedes lazy, just because she is overweight). I also found it very offensive when they made Mercedes’ obsessed with tater tots. Glee has been sexist, racist and kept on with the jokes on overweight people. Characters are still used as a prop.

Glee also proclaimed themselves as being supportive of the homosexuals. They made Finn out Santana, and still named him as a hero. They should remember people that it’s their decision, and not anyone else’s. 
In season three, Glee finally had one interracial couple that they plan to break in season four.
Glee also created some serious situations, but they did one problem, in my eyes, that was inserting all in only one episode (3x13 - On My Way). It was just too filled with sadness, even tho it did made it’s point. I think that the continuity fail problem striked again, ‘cuz there was no follow-up on Dave’s story.
In my opinion, Glee also made a mistake when decided to end the TroubleTones. Glee needed that group. A group of women who were tired of being thrown to second plan, and weren’t going to take it any longer.
Glee also seemed to forget how to throw a proper tribute. I was highly offended with the Whitney Houston tribue (3x17 - Dance With Somebody), because I loved Whitney - I believe the entire world did - and there was no Whitney in that episode, in my eyes. Sure, the music was there, but there was no Whitney essence. Same didn’t happen on Michael’s tribute (3x11 - Michael), thank God. 
Glee kept creating meaningless storylines and introducing new characters, when they couldn’t even write for the ones they already had.

Glee seemed to forget that they are a musical comedy. The reactions of the writer’s actions are seen in the awards and the ratings. 

In my eyes, Glee keeps on going down the hill, and I lost my complete interest since the end of season one. I miss the joy glee made me feel. I only keep on watching it due to my love for the cast.

Thank you all who read this. Just giving you a piece of my mind. Sorry I ain’t sorry if I made anyone mad.

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